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The OpenADx working group will coordinate the development of Eclipse Foundation projects on the following topics:

Projects hosted by the Eclipse Foundation in the context of the OpenADx working group apply the Eclipse development process and best practices of openness, transparency and meritocracy. As such, these projects are open to participation by developers or contributors. They can submit contributions to the project that will be considered for inclusion by the project committers. Committer status is acquired by contributors after election by existing committers as described in the Eclipse Development Process.

How to participate in OpenADx?

OpenADx is still in an early stage, means, since 25th June 2019 we are an official Eclipse Working Group which consists of more than 10 member companies, who are shaping the Working Group, which is done in the Steering Committee.

OpenADx is an open working group so everyone can participate!

Feel free to use our Mailing List to start a discussion or to be part of one, to get answers to your questions around OpenADx and of course to stay tuned! You can use the solutions we provide in compliance with the open source license of the specific product.

From time to time, there will be also some workshops, which will be announced via our website, wiki and Mailing List. So feel free to participate!

If you would like to engage more, e.g. to shape the working group together with us, you have to fulfill some prerequisites:

Our recommendation is “Driver Member” to have the biggest possible influence in the working group.

For further questions, you can use our Mailing List.

OpenADx Charter

OpenADx Working Group Charter

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OpenADx Working Group Participation Agreement (WPGA)

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