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OpenADx Program Plan

OpenADx Program Plan 2021


White Papers

OpenADx Manifesto


451 Research


Apex.AI Safe and Certified Software for Autonomous Mobility



Watch the video on OpenADx here on YouTube:



YouTube: OpenADx - Leveraging open collaboration & OS to accelerate Autonomous Driving dev

YouTube: OpenADx “Autonomous Driving Simulation” Testbed – hardware in the loop (sponsored by Renesas)

YouTube: ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI: Autonomous Driving and Open Source: Does it fit?, Robert Bosch GmbH

YouTube: Introduction to autonomous driving accelerator OpenADx

YouTube: EclipseCon 2020: Autonomous Driving and Open Source - Is this a good idea?

YouTube: Timing Analysis of Car-to-Car Communication Systems Using Real-Time Calculus: A Case Study

YouTube: FOSDEM 2020: Introduction to Eclipse iceoryx - Writing a safe IPC framework for autonomous robots and cars

YouTube: Introducing Eclipse iceoryx Almond (v1.0.0) | vECM

YouTube: ofe powered by Crowdcast: Digitising European Industry: Open Source Driving the Automotive Sector

YouTube: Mobility of the Future and Open Collaboration – A good Idea? presented at SAAM Mobility 2021

YouTube: #bfoss2021 - 7. Bitkom Forum Open Source | Themenschwerpunkt "Erfahrungsberichte" (German only)“

PodCast: Open Source in der Industrie - Ändi aus the Länd (German only)“

Toolchain Proposal

under construction


under construction


How to launch an open source project? (by Red Hat)

Measuring open source project health (by Red Hat)

Building Safe Algorithms in the Open, Part 1 - Design (by Apex.AI)

Building Safe Algorithms in the Open, Part 2 - Implementation (by Apex.AI)

Building Safe Algorithms in the Open, Part 3 - Integration (by Apex.AI)

OpenADx Wiki

OpenADx Wiki

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